Blood Collection Unit

Molecular Diagnostic Services (Pty) Ltd
Blood Collection unit complete with main housing and lid is an essential component designed and manufactured for medical diagnostics.
3-Axis CNC machines, Conventional lathes, Spark eroders, Conventional mills, Surface grinders, Mould counters to track the number of runs for servicing of the mould.

Any component storing / holding bodily fluids and especially blood will require specifications that are stringent and specific to the medical industry. This components design specification took into consideration sizing of the complete component for easy storage and safe disposal, material adaptations for if the customer wanted the component to be translucent and a tight closing lid to ensure its inside contents are tightly sealed. The open mechanism for the component must be made for smooth opening and closing but also secure enough to store valuable contents. The hole for the introduction of blood is of specific importance to ensure easy spreading but also protection from exposure to external environment.